Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I don’t know why I had the urge to write this article. Maybe it is out of frustration more than anything else. 

Even though I know I am right, still sometimes I wonder and have doubts about my God given wisdom and sanity in terms of what I write and believe. 

This thing they call judgment thinking has somewhat haunted me ever since childhood. The ability to separate self and emotions from a problem and bore through fog and side issues right to the core has been with me ever since I was a young child. 

Even when I hoed vegetable rows on our farm as a ten or eleven year old my dad and older sister Betty would criticize the way I did my rows. They would say why couldn’t you hoe your rows like ours. 

Even then I did things in an organized and systematic way and to me my rows looked and seemed to be better but they disagreed. 

Even today with the books I write I know ninety five percent of the USA population will never believe or understand what the hell I’m writing. 

It is not because my writing is complicated it is just the opposite, many people see most of my writing as simple nonsense babble and even stupidity. 

Many years ago I read a book and can’t even remember the title or who the author was but I do remember the author talking about meaning. 

He went on to say just a dot on a piece of paper may not mean anything to others looking at it, but the meaning and wisdom behind who put it there may have took a life time (paraphrased). 

As to my self, I’m not educated, brilliant, or highly intelligent, in fact I’m the slow plodder type, but once I understand the basics my slow climb takes me high up on the mountain top. 

And I definitely understand's the basics of an economy, which the USA general population does not. 

I think anyone with any depth and even a weak survival instinct knows that our great USA is in serious survival trouble with eighteen trillion in debt. 

The problem is can the USA be saved with our individual freedom still intact. However, not everyone thinks the country needs saving, especially liberals. 

I’m one that can’t figure out if liberals are shallow because they are liberal or liberal because they are shallow. 

Anyway, many a liberals have become conservative over night when a mugger slammed one up side the head or some other dreadful thing happened to one personally. 

Otherwise, what’s happening to someone else can’t seem to get through to his or her shallow brains. 

Now, back to simple things that sometimes have a deep meaning like the dot I previously mention. Here is a short sentence that I have dwelled on for the last two years or so and what several of my latest books are about. 

The sentence I’m talking about is: The arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed. 

Maybe I’m a fool, dummy, idiot, or just plain stupid, but I for real believe the 1938 minimum wage law paved the way for the doomsday welfare state the USA have today. 

The come about of the 1938 minimum wage law is what has caused the destruction of the nations moral, spiritual, and family values. 

Here is the reasons behind my beliefs on this minimum wage law: From a pure economic understanding point of view there is no way a true free market place will allow inflation or a welfare state to get off the ground. 

A true free market economy has the ability to reset back to zero wages and prices and purge out inflation and without inflation a welfare state can’t get off the ground.

You see, a true free market place economy is 100 percent totally controlled by the private sector, period. Bartering and trade is the foundation of every private sector economy and adding a currency takes it from there. 

In hard and troubling times, especially during the great depression there was a mixture of bartering and currency use, many doctors were paid with farm products. 

But, in my view the main advantage of a free market place free of government control is the economy has discipline power through purging to reset back to zero if necessary. 

A merchant couldn’t charge more than the consumers had the ability to pay and stay in business. 

Sure, before the minimum wage law came along the system had many problems. You had the boom and bust cycle coming along every seven years or so, but what those that lack wisdom failed to realize is nature must have a way to purge out and get rid of moral decay and culture rot. 

Now, after nearly eighty years moral decay and culture rot is so powerful that without a miracle it may take going back to the Stone Age to get rid of the waste and rot. 

Before the 1938 minimum wage law not only did the USA economy purge out financial waste and rot it protected our moral, spiritual, and family values, too. 

In 1938 the last of the “New deal” programs was enacted, the Fair Labor Standard of 1938 (FLSA). Wham! 

In one stroke for the first time in the USA existence an economy that had always been 100 percent able to operate under private control, now all private property rights, business production, and business distribution has flipped to 100 percent under government control. 

There-after all wages and prices paid would be what the government said they would be. The minimum wage act took away the USA economy ability to reset back to the zero bartering stage thereby eliminating its purging power to discipline itself or the nation. 

Ever since that day the USA economy has been too weak to safeguard the nations culture, morals, and spiritual values. 

By destroying the USA economy’s ability to reset back to the zero bartering stage and purge out inflation the shallow minded liberals was free to tax and spend to kingdom come. 

Now the liberals with very little resistance has by taxing and spending made so many government dependents and left the nation 18 trillion in debt only a miracle can save the nation from total doom. 

Still, I love-um all they are good Americans its just that they shouldn’t be in charge and running things, period. However, even with a miracle the only way the USA can possible be saved is to first repeal the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. 

I don’t believe nothing else no matter what it is can save the great USA until first this arch-evil minimum wage law is gotten rid of once and for all. That is just the way it is, sorry, I call it as I see it.

There is no long time survival for any nation with same sex marriages, mass killing of future unborn babies in the womb, and endless means of birth control galore. Don’t shoot me the messenger, I don’t make any rules, Mother Nature does.

Order, order, order, we have just about lost our great USA when far too many people today justify physical resisting law enforcement. 

Sure, there are some abuse and always has been, but never forget civilization cannot exist without law and order first and on the spot. Take up your grievances later. 

Our doomsday welfare state has made far too many people feel like kings unto themselves with special entitlements and pampered treatment. Armageddon must be near.
SIRMANS LOG: 28 JULY 2015, 2305 HOURS.

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