Thursday, April 2, 2015


I, Freddie L Sirmans Sr. believe the 2016 presidential election may become so polarized that hoards of Christians, independents, conservatives, etc. like never before will turnout and vote. 

November 2016 may be the most important United States election since 1776 in my view. It will determine if the United States survives as a free nation or survives at all, period.

I, great writer if I had any real sense I wouldn’t touch this hot potato issue with a ten-foot pole, but knowing me I have no business being a writer in the first place. 

The Dem’s and liberals knows they must win the 2016 presidential election at all cost, or the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law may finally be repealed. “I wish, the last part I just threw that in there for my sake, y’all.” 

Sure, there are a lot of republican candidates going for the 2016 presidential gold, but I believe the real drama and action is going to be on the Dem’s side. 

The reason I say this is I think the real movers and shakers on the Democratic side doesn’t think Mrs. Clinton can win this milestone election. 

Of course, no one over there is ever going to admit to anything of the sort. But, "you can bet your bottom dollar that ways and actions always speak louder than words." 

Folks, I’m a writer and could be totally wrong on this whole matter, I’m just writing what I believe. 

Still, I think the long political knives are being sharpened within the Democratic Party. And before this 2016 presidential election is over a lot of Democratic political blood is going to be spilled. 

In 2016 for the Dem’s and the sake of their power everything is on the line, even the welfare state itself, and believe me the knock out drag out is not going to be pretty, y’all. 

The smart money thinks the republicans will keep control of both houses of congress in 2016. 

That means if the republicans win the 2016 presidency they will have a Trifecta, which means the liberal and Democratic Party power monopoly starting with the “New deal” may finally be broken. 

Hallelujah. As you can see, all of the marbles are at stake for the liberals and Dem's. Myself, I see the dawning of a new day coming, people.

This is my one man’s analysis of what’s so much at stake here concerning this milestone 2016 election. We’ll see, just how this real life soap opera ultimately plays out. Stay tuned.

Economically wise, until our cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed, no matter what the conservatives or the republicans do the game is still being played on a liberalism home court. 

It is no longer a matter of if the great USA will be over powered by liberalism but how soon. 

If our phony hog-tied economy doesn’t sink us first, we are already up to our neck in a vast moral decay and culture rotted liberalism swamp and the only relief in sight is repealing our evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

But, I seem to be the only one with the God given wisdom to see the light on this, I pound and I pound, only to thick sculls and deaf ears. 

So be it, I have filled my destiny and done my duty. I will start closing by saying this: Many people have endured great pain and suffering and said “They were actually glad it happened because it opened their eyes to things right before them that they could never see before.” 

That is what has happen to the great USA, our liberal induced welfare state has lulled almost everyone to sleep, the nation will just have to experience the pain and suffering and learn the hard way if the nation survives. 

The prevailing thinking today is government owes us a living and is responsible for the people’s survival. However, nothing could be further from the real truth, it is just the opposite. 

The people or private enterprise is responsible for the survival of government not the other way around; government is a parasite and can’t survive unless some form of private business profit support it as it's host. 

The USA government is taking from 20 percent of the people and using that seized profit to take care of the other 80 percent of the people. 

It is a given that our welfare state beast government is going to collapse, it is no longer a matter of the collapse, the question now is how are we going to survive afterward.

Plus, we will soon be over 20,000,000,000,000 in debt and counting. Now, if anyone thinks this can last forever I will give you a discount on some swampland.

Sure, anyone with an ounce of economic sense should know that the reasonable answer to the USA economy problem is to first balance the budget. 

But, the cold reality is the liberals have made so many voters government dependent that it is political suicide for any individual or political party to dare go there, and expect to remain in power. 

It is just impossible to balance the USA budget without creating a smaller pie, which in the short run is going to cause some extra pain. 

And guess what, to hell with what’s best down the road, what have you done for me lately is all that’s going to matter in the voting booth for the masses of government dependents. 

Obviously, politically no political party is ever going to be able to balance the budget to get control of the USA economy, period. 

However, no political party may be able to balance the budget but a true free market place economy definitely can. 

Not only can a true free market place economy balance the budget, it will send liberalism packing and take our country back from all of these shallow minded do-good talking heads with weak survive instincts. 

The only true answer to saving the USA is not about getting lost on our phony hog-tied economy, immigration, or our insane foreign policy; it is about repealing the 1938 minimum wage law. 

That will set free our hog-tied USA economy, then the economy will have the force and power to kick ass, send liberalism packing, balance the budget, and do what ever it take to save this great nation of individual freedom. Otherwise, there is not going to be a USA. 

Take that as a dose of cold reality, writer, Freddie L Sirmans Senior style. How do you like me now?

This is a subject I decided to revisit. There is a conservative faction that wants to bring about a states convention to demand the government balance it’s annul budget. 

On the surface having a convention to do that sounds reasonable and maybe ought to take place. Twenty years ago I probably would have jumped on the bandwagon. 

However, I have evolved and now realize liberalism has no boundaries or limits to what it will go to keep over spending. 

Today I think any convention of the sort would more than likely cause a total disaster. The first reason is it wouldn’t solve the problem. 

Our welfare state beast is ignoring the constitution and the law now and just adding new laws are not going to make this beast change its ways. The next reason involves human nature. 

Liberals tends to be far more intelligent and smarter than conservatives but as a rule are shallow surface dwelling thinkers. 

The conservative’s advantage has always been their focused staying power and deep sound judgment. 

However, there is a world of difference between today’s conservatives and those in the founding fathers days. 

Ever since the “New deal” and the come about of our welfare state conservatives has become almost as moral corrupted and shallow minded as liberals. It is a waste of time to pass more laws trying to force liberals to control spending. 

They have weak survival instincts and respect no threats in spending from here to kingdom come. But, never forget liberals are not dumb or stupid, when giving up any of their own money they are the stingiest of any group. 

What it actually boils down to is they struggle with not being selfish to a fault, and that includes spending other people money. 

Most conservatives are self-bound by morals and emotional boundaries such as guilt, shame, etc. Where as liberals tends to be far less restricted when going after something they truly want. 

Nothing that is within the law is going deter a liberal lion/lioness from grabbing power and keeping it. 

Power is what this liberal suicide spending is all about. Social spending keeps liberals in power and no amount of morals; love of the country, or anything legal is going to stand in their way of holding on to power. 

Many liberals tend to be aimless but you give a liberal a cause or a goal and you got an almost unstoppable force on your hand. 

If the great USA is to ever get control over suicide over spending from the liberals it can only be done with a physical barrier. 

So, here we go again, that means repealing the 1938 minimum wage law. Enacting that law is what took away a government-spending barrier in the first place. 

That law gave liberals absolute power over private enterprise and private property rights and enable them to tax spend inflate, tax spend inflate, tax spend inflate in a never-ending upward spiral. 

In fact I don’t believe its possible for any free nation to remain free very long with liberalism and liberals at the helm. 

Freedom and democracy demands a responsible and self-controlled populace to last over a hundred years in my view. 

The liberals seized complete control over USA private business enterprise and private property rights with the enacting of the 1938 minimum wage law. 

Unless that law is repealed this nation will never remain free to 2038 let alone more than a hundred years since the law was enacted.

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