Saturday, March 28, 2015


Tariffs are an equalizer tool that may or may not be used at a country-to-country level of trade. Sure, on an individual consumer level cheap prices are a blessing, and especially for the poor.

But, in economic terms where profit goes and ends up is extremely important. And guess what, if your country doesn’t use tariffs as an equalizer tool against unfair trade, your country will end up as a jobless dependent servicing nation.

Final solution: Repeal 1938 wage law, then a true free market place economy will save the USA as a free nation. Otherwise, liberals will eventually sell USA sovereignty off piece meal like a hooker on the streets to keep our welfare state beast fed.

I felt like doing some thinking out loud on paper on how much time the country have before our economy totally collapses. I will try to make this article short and not get carried away. 

I will start by saying anyone with an ounce of economic wisdom should know that this madness can't possibly be sustained. 

No one knows how or when all of this economic madness is going to finally play out in the end, not even me. 

But, I do know two things our welfare state is about to butt heads on. Number one is the days of our welfare state in the role of social and family provider is over, the government just doesn’t realize it yet. 

The other thing is our welfare state beast will never surrender it power of being a social and family provider even if it means giving up our sovereignty, selling off the country, or whatever to hold on its role. 

It is a role the government should never have been in from the start. Government in the role of super provider is like feeding on itself or eating its young. 

Nature’s law of taking the course of least resistance can be extremely disarming and seductive. 

That is because no caring and reasonable person wants to see suffering and hardship. But, like drugs, sex, gambling, and anything that gives relief and pleasure, too much of a good thing can be a trap. 

While good men and women stood by the shallow minded liberals with good intent eased the government into a permanent role of being a social and family provider. 

This is a role that for over 6,000 years had always been with the nuclear and extended family head of household. 

I’m sure over the centuries governments had tried playing daddy before but before it had always failed. 

And the only reason it hasn’t failed so far in the USA is because of our evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. That evil law is what has kept this farce going this long. 

The evil 1938 minimum wage law has allowed the liberals to grow government unabated by inflating our currency to no end. 

And they call it growing the economy, which it is not; it is sheer madness and insanity in my view. Sure, this insanity can work for around four to five generations then it’s going to be hell to pay. 

That is because ever since this insanity started around 80 years ago it has rotted away the tools and foundation that allows for an organize society to exist. 

The tools I am referring to are a strong nuclear and extended family system, a strong culture with good morals, and an adequate supply of small farmers and home gardeners. 

Small farmers and home gardeners would provide some emergency backup bartering capacity to buy time in case the economy collapses and money was worthless. 

In term of long-term survival nothing can take the place of the strong nuclear and extended family system. Without the strong nuclear family system not enough men and women of sound judgment can be produced to maintain an orderly responsible society. 

That is because proper norms and traditions must be instilled without exception in the very young, otherwise after four to five generations you will have far too many shallow-minded self centered liberal idiots to sustain a rational free society 

Only the strong nuclear family will make sure proper norms and traditions are instilled in the very young. Experienced wisdom, good morals, and spiritual values must be instilled and passed on or chaos will eventually result. 

Sure, living in a world of plenty with full stomachs most of us are so caring with good intentions that we never wake up to smell the coffee. 

But, I’m here to tell you that we Americans along with much of the industrialized world below the surface are spoiled rotten. 

We are comfortable and living in a dream, not knowing that we have almost no tools to survive on when this mad insane economy soon collapses. 

Without the umbrella of a strong nuclear and extended family system very few are going to make great self-sacrifices for greedy selfish thankless strangers. 

And self-sacrificing is what it will take to survive as a nation during severe hard and tough times. 

However, all of this coming doom can be avoided by repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 
Even repealing the 1938 minimum wage law is going to cause much pain and hardship but it will be controllable and not turn into chaos. 

Once the USA economy is free and unshackled it won’t take much to eat and survive, and there is nothing more powerful on earth than a genuine true free market economy. 

There is no doubt in my mind it will save the USA and western civilization. And may the Gods smile down on this great nation.

P.S. A non minimum wage genuine true free market place economy won’t allow inflation and a phony currency for very long, like a liquid a true free market place economy will soon seek its own level.


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