Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A genuine true non-phony free market place economy without exception must be able to set its own wages and prices, period. 

The liberals in charge of the government seized that right when they enacted the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

That act castrated the USA economy and has led to the destruction of our culture and morals. 

And until the USA economy is given back its power by repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law nothing can break the liberals choke hold on this great nation. 

Otherwise, there is simply no way this great nation of individual freedom can ever be saved. 

Men and women of sound mind with strong survival instincts must give the USA economy back its true power, that way it can save this great nation. 

Nothing else has the power and discipline to drain this vast liberal swamp and prevent individual freedom from disappearing off the face of the earth forever. 

God save the USA the last bastion of true individual freedom left in the world today.

The truth of the matter is government is actually a parasite; it can only survive if it has a host to take from. Government is not part of the economy but what it does greatly affects the economy. 

Every society must have a means of protecting itself from internal and external threats and dangers, and that makes having some form of government a must. 

Most governments have the power to take over that is why most private sector host has strong built in protections and total control over the money supply. But, like they say, “The way to hell is paved with good intentions.” 

On the surface the government doing good and helping people doesn’t seem like a threat, and it is not in perspective on a temporary basis. 

But, in reality government must never become a social and family provider more than on a temporary basis if a free nation is to survive long term. 

Whoever is the provider is the boss like it or not. That is why in the USA and Western Europe for all practical purpose the welfare state has taken over. 

Today there are far too many people dependent on the government to ever put government spending on a diet. 

In Western Europe and now in the USA the money priority first goes to the welfare state over the military and all else. And there is only contempt for the profit driven private business enterprise host. 

Plus, private business days may be numbers because liberal media and the masses don’t understand profit and hate it. 

Still, there is a savior waiting on a white horse ready to ride in to rescue western civilization. 

But first, the evil 1938 socialist minimum law must be shot with a silver bullet or a stake driven through its heart by repealing or getting rid of all federal (not state) minimum wage laws entirely. 

This evil poison pill law must be buried to never rise again for any democracy to ever be safe.

In terms of raw bare boned survival using good intentions and doing the right thing may cause Mother Nature to spit in your face. Just look at the animal kingdom with raw nature, there is no place for good intentions or doing the right thing, except to starve. 

Now, you look at the USA economic situation, from a political point of view good intentions and doing the right thing I believe will surely get you booted out of power, period. 

Folks, let me stop right here and explain, I’m a writer and I write it as I see it. I can be wrong, in fact I hope I am wrong on some of the dire things I see coming down the pike. 

I have said it before and am going to say it again, anyone that still thinks the USA and western Europe can be saved as welfare states is economically ignorant in my view. 

Maybe I’m the one who is ignorant. However, I believe I can dissect and understand the inner workings of an economy as well as anyone. 

Yet, for the life of me I can’t see any social and family provider welfare state doing anything but slowly devouring its own survival host, which is private business enterprise. 

Economically, it is just impossible for a welfare state to survive very much longer by constantly dwindling its own only survival host, which is profit driven private business enterprise. 

Government can take only so much profit before there is none left to take. Anyone with common sense should know that the USA can’t forever reckless spend and keep going deeper and deeper into debt. 

A reasonable person should conclude that the right thing to do is balance the budget and get your physical house in order. 

Sure, that is the responsible thing to do if you are talking about around 80 years ago right after the minimum wage law was enacted. But, today for a political party to take that type of normal responsible action is political suicide. 

Now, here is where my super wisdom comes into play. OK, lets just imagine that at the snap of fingers all of the USA debts are paid free and clear, do you think the health of the nation would be solved? 

My answer would be no! Our debt is a currency problem but civilization existed long before a currency was invented. 

The main problems with the USA and western civilization are culture and moral in my view. Contrary to the common view I believe in free nations the economy is the real disciplinarian that actually guards and protects the nations culture and morals. 

Sure, we are a nation ruled by law not by man, but I believe the economy is the real power that pulls the strings behind the scene. 

Also, I believe liberalism is actually what’s destroying the USA, which could never have happen with a genuine true free market place economy. 

I feel the economy the USA has today is a phony P…. of an economy and has been that way ever since the evil 1938 minimum wage law was enacted. 

The economy the USA has today doesn’t have the power or discipline to protect itself or the nation's culture and morals. 

Once the 1938 minimum wage law was enacted, that allowed liberalism a foot in the door to inflate the currency and grow government to no end. Since then the minimum wage law gave government absolute power over prices and wages. 

Once that happened the aggressive liberals has played to the basic weaknesses in our human nature by promising the moon and back. 

The minimum wage law gave government complete control over private property rights and private business enterprise, which it had never had before in the history of the country. 

By repealing the minimum wage law the economy would regain its power to guard and protect the nations culture and morals, plus boom the economy in real growth not any phony inflated growth like today. 

So, the republican think they can take on our welfare state beast and balance the budget, plus remain in power. Well, I’m one that thinks they are in for a very rude awakening. 

I hope I’m wrong, but I think the beast will defend itself and win. I truly feel only a genuine true free market place economy minus any minimum wage law has the power and ability to take down this beast. 

They will never agree with me, but I feel the only wise course the republicans has left to save the USA is to repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, "That is all she wrote." 

As to liberals saving the country, they are the ones hell bent on destroying it and too shallow to even realize it. 


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