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As a writer of almost supernatural wisdom I offer a USA survival blueprint why not follow it. If a better one exists, please disregard. Sure, You can laugh, but history will be the final judge.

You have been enlightened, you know the one and only thing that must be done, now get it done. Repeal the 1938 federal wage law.

Me, this little lone neurotic writer attacking this big giant liberalism Ogre is like David attacking Goliath. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

I will almost always say bridle liberalism. The reason is liberalism is not necessarily a bad thing in fact liberalism makes a more caring and better world, but it will also destroy everything if not disciplined and kept under control.

Either an iron fist literally type government or a government with a true free market place economy can keep liberalism bridled.

Since 1938 the USA no longer has a true free market place economy due to the government enforced minimum wage law.

And without a true free market place economy the USA has no way to maintain societal discipline thereby allowing liberalism to take down this great nation.

These do-good make everything right liberals are on a warpath about gun control, they can barely sit still and are wiggling in their seats. 

What they don’t understand and are too shallow to realize is out of control liberalism is the cause of the gun problem in the first place.

However, I’m one that believes liberals forcing threatening gun control down the nations throat is the one thing that will definitely give republicans a Trifecta or complete a Hat Trick in 2016.

If you want a better society you first must have a better class of people, period. From lack of societal discipline this USA nation is being over run with moral decay and culture rot, that is where the real problem lies.

Almost all of this nations old tried and true norms and traditions have been corrupted by liberalism.

They have been replaced by new insane anti-survival norms like same sex marriages and mass killing of future unborn babies in the womb. 

I won’t preach, I will end by saying you have been enlightened on what must be done to save the USA from total doom.

Gun violence is one of the least of this nation’s problems, our way of life and survival itself is on a slow countdown. And here we are fiddling while Rome burns.

As a writer of almost supernatural wisdom I have said a thousand times the one sure thing that will save the USA from total doom, so there is no excuse why this great nation should go the way of the great Auk.

No matter which way the wind blows, I’m here to warn you that only a genuine true free market economy with no kind of government wage or price control can provide the discipline to save the USA and western civilization, period.

You see, only an economy without any kind of government wage or price control will have the necessary purging power not only to discipline and protect itself, but will also protect the nation’s culture, moral, and spiritual values from over powering rot and decay like what is eating us alive today.

Repeal the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum law now. Let the only thing that can possibly save the USA and western civilization, which is a genuine true free market place economy with no choking government wage or price controls, what so ever work its miracle.

Agree or not, like it or not, without a doubt I am right on this, I will bet the farm on it. There are certain things about human nature that never changes, things such as spite, envy, jealousy, hate, superstition, and the rest of our emotions. Things of this sort haven’t changed one iota in over 2000 years.

Concerning societal discipline: As late as the nineteen fifties or sixties many small towns and rural areas in the USA didn’t even bother to lock their doors.

So, concerning societal discipline what has changed in today’s world, the key word is discipline. The USA has practical no societal discipline left today.

That is the main reason we have so many nuts committing mass killings with guns today. It takes discipline to isolate or weed out those that won’t conform.

Sport teams use tryouts to see who conforms and the military uses basic training to see who conforms. Well, a healthy society on a much larger scale must have some means to isolate those unwilling to conform.

I believe those that has the mentality to go out in a blaze of hate and terror will always show some tell tale signs well in advance, its just that those that knows are not telling or speaking up.

Many first grade school teachers to a high degree can point out even then the ones most likely to be in trouble with the law eighteen years later.

I will bet my bottom dollar that at least one person knew everyone of these mass killers was a danger to society in some way before they acted.

The reason the USA doesn’t have the societal discipline to isolate and deal with these type of individuals is because of our minimum wage law. Don’t roll your eyes and laugh, because I know you think that is stupid and doesn’t make sense.

Let me explain, the shallow minded see the minimum wage law only in terms of how much more money one is paid on a job and they can’t get pass that. Sure, only a fool wouldn't like to make a living wage or make more money.

And getting any kind of a private sector pay raise is a good thing and will work. But, on a large or national scale with everyone getting a forced government raise it may give everyone more money, but more purchasing power will be just an illusion.

It is an illusion because every forced government wage increase results in a higher cost of living increase. And over time the cost of living increases will far out distance any salary increases.

The federal minimum wage law is why twenty years ago ones salary versus cost-of-living would buy far more in the grocery store then than it will today. 
And if moral decay and culture rot doesn't doom the USA first consumer cost of living soon will.

Buying power is what truly and really counts, not more and more lesser and lesser-valued inflated dollars, which the shallow minded and less informed can't seem to comprehend.

Yet, if the government raised the minimum wage ten dollars it would kill off most small businesses and consumer-cost-of-living would really sky rocket even more.

Anyone that know the basics of true economics should know that any kind of government wage or price control doesn’t work in the long run and will rip apart a nation's culture and moral inner fabric.

The real danger and destruction from any kind of government imposed wage or price control is what it does to the entire USA economy.

Any kind of government imposed wage or price control de-nuts and renders a free market place economy practically helpless with almost no purging power left.

Purging power is what gives an economy the discipline to protect itself, the nations culture, moral, and spiritual values.

Starting in 1938 the USA economy’s hands has been tied behind its back due to the enacting of our federal minimum wage law, and ever since then the USA as a nation has been without societal discipline leaving the nation almost without a rudder.

Another big problem with the USA economy is the USA government is trying to manage and control it. That in itself is an impossible task simply because there is just too many variables.

The government shouldn’t be forcing a federal minimum wage on the private sector and it shouldn’t be in the stock market either.

Plus, the biggest no, no of all is for government to ever become a social and family provider. Once that happens there is no peaceful way out for government, because when money starts running out the mobs is going to be coming after politicians with pitchforks.

Only repealing the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law can prevent this from happening, otherwise there is not enough societal discipline left to keep western civilization from regressing all the way back to the stone age.

Government should run the country, the military and stick to collecting taxes and get the hell out of the way to allow a genuine true free market place economy to prevail.

Government should stay with what it does best collecting taxes, running the country, the military, and leave the economy to the private sector, period.

Plus, that was mainly the way it was before government decided to take over private enterprise by not allowing the private sector to set its own wages and prices (The insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law ended private control of the USA economy).

And until control of the USA economy is back in the hands of the private sector it is impossible for this nation to survive, period.

As a writer with awesome creative thinking ability along with almost supernatural wisdom I believe even if the republicans do complete a hat trick in 2016 liberalism will still rule the day. In the USA and other welfare states around the world liberalism is on autopilot.

Which means the only thing that can bridle liberalism enough to save western civilization from total doom is a true genuine free market place economy, period.

But, here is the catch; it is impossible to have a true genuine free market place economy with any kind of government enforced wage or price control in effect, period.

So, even if the republicans do get a Trifecta in 2016 by gaining control of both houses of congress and the presidency it won’t save the USA from total doom, unless the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed once and for all.

The only true benefit I can see for a minimum wage law in the first place was to inflate our currency to finance and keep our liberal created welfare state in power.

Without a federal minimum wage law a pure free market place economy will purge out inflation. Now, to change gears, Just like the life and death cycle is necessary for life to exist, the boom and bust cycle in an economy is necessary for an economy to exist. It is a law of nature.

The USA economy is going to collapse that is a given, no one knows when, but a big bust cycle is long overdue. My grave concern is what is going to happen afterward. 

I’m not out to scare anyone one, I’m just a lone writer with a one man’s opinion, and hopefully I’m wrong.

It is just simply impossible for any society to get through a long overdue bust cycle without a strong nuclear and extended family system in place, which the USA no longer has.

Repealing the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will restore our strong nuclear and extended family system along with strong morals and spirituals values providing time don’t run out on us.

Otherwise I can’t see any way around total doom, period. You can call me crazy, a nut, or whatever, but that is the way I see it, sorry.

Before 1938 a lone woman with a purse could walk through a black neighborhood or any neighborhood at midnight and no one would harm her.

Today what has changed, the come about of the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law put a stop to societal discipline. And since that day our once real true free market place economy lacks the purging power to stop inflation, culture rot, or moral decay.

Lets face it, liberalism and its created welfare state has destroyed individual responsibility and accountability to the point that the USA may no longer have the capacity to remain a free people.

In spite of out of control liberalism and its created welfare state we in the USA still has the most individual freedom found anywhere in the world.

Only the second amendment is keeping us free, but history is not on us gun owner's side. The insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed now, not tomorrow.

Otherwise, one way or another big stud liberalism is going to eventually have its way with the 2nd amendment in my view.

PS: Actually a minimum wage law is a good thing when enacted by the states, cities, local governments, and private enterprise.

But, when enacted by the federal government it creates a monopoly, which kills the purging power discipline in the USA national free market place economy.


































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