Monday, September 28, 2015

Eventually the liberals are guaranteed to defeat the republicans and conservatives in this Epic USA culture battle, unless the 1938 federal wage law is repealed. 

But, it will be a hollow victory that collapses civilization all the way back to the Stone Age. 

OK, here goes, I try to avoid doing this type of freethinking because many people already think I’m off my rocker. 

The older I get the more I understand why individual freedom is so rare through out history. 

There are just too many things in nature that makes individual freedom almost impossible to maintain. 

Even the natural laws of nature such as “Taking the course of least resistance” will completely dominate our behavior unless strong unrelenting discipline prevents it. 

Nature is ruled by balance, which means everything in it is relative including survival. 

There is no such thing as all good or all bad. Too much of a good thing is bad no matter if it's food, sex, or anything you can imagine, only balance keep things in line with the laws of nature. 

In my view the real core problem with the USA is not what almost everyone think it is. 

I believe the core problem with the USA is unchecked and out of control liberalism, period. And until that core problem is dealt with everything else is an exercise in futility. 

The balance between conservatism and liberalism is almost totally one sided in favor of liberalism. 

After all liberalism does make sure Bambi, the needy, and the less fortunate all are protected. But, strong no-non-sense kick ass discipline is needed to safeguard a nation and it’s culture. 

So, all of this talk of shutting down the government and making helpful changes in the tax code is an exercise in futility anyway in my view. 

The fact is until liberalism is balanced or brought under control it is a pipe dream to think about saving the USA. 

Authoritarian countries use the Iron fist to keep liberalism under control. But, the only way to keep liberalism under control in free countries is to have a real true free market place economy to maintain a disciplined society due to individual rights. 

Enacting the 1938 minimum wage law in the USA took the bridle off of liberalism and year-by-year ever since liberalism has grown into this monster size political correctness cesspool that is engulfing us all. 

The USA using an Iron fist is out of the question, so, the only way of stopping this monster to save the USA from total doom is to bring back a real true free market place economy, period. 

The only way for the USA to regain a real true free market place economy is to repeal the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, otherwise the USA goes the way of the Roman Empire, period. 

Unchecked liberalism will always eventually end up at the bottom of the barrel in the gutter, mostly because of too much love unbalanced with not enough discipline being taught to our young, just look around you. 

Today in the free world especially in the USA and Western Europe liberalism is on autopilot with a life of its own. 

That means no matter the politics nothing can prevent liberalism from destroying modern civilization except one thing, I have given the answer to that through out my writing, so go figure (Repeal 1938 federal minimum wage law).

Sure, Trump is shaking things up like never before, which is a good thing. This liberal induced welfare state has lulled almost this whole nation asleep. 

In a free nation the only major expense for government should only be for internal and external defense and the military, period. Otherwise it is like a nation feeding on itself with more and more people eating free with fewer and fewer people doing the providing. 

This is the sad state liberalism has brought the great USA to today. How in the hell can any government finance the military for long when half the nation is feeding off government instead of being government providers. 

The reason this sad situation exist today is because ever since 1938 the USA has had a phony weak p…. of an economy with no biting purging power. 

Ever since the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law liberalism has been able to inflate our currency thereby allowing government to keep adding more and more dependents to no end. 

There are some that don’t think this is a bad thing, but they are wrong, doing this rips out the inner fabric of a nation and sends responsibility and accountability out the window. 

Without the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law in the old days the USA economy would have purged out self-serving inflation. 

That would have prevented the liberalism baby welfare state from growing into this monster size destructive welfare state we have today. 

I call on all men and women of goodwill with good judgment and sound mind, now you know what must be done, just go do it before it is too late. May God bless and keep the USA always. Amen.

I love liberalism when it is balanced and not out of control. But, when it is unchecked and out of control without a doubt it is going to destroy this great nation.


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