Thursday, August 13, 2015


“No guts. No glory”.  This writer for one is so glad to see someone come along that in a positive manner takes this saying to heart, because that is what it is going to take to defeat liberalism, which has all but totally destroyed this great nation. 

In free societies only a true free market place economy can keep liberalism at bay and under control, unlike in an authoritarian society that uses the iron fist to control liberalism. 

Almost every crime or vice imaginable in the USA is running rampant and the law can’t even keep drugs out of the prisons let alone stop hardly anything else. 

The most powerful thing in a free society is not the law but a true free market place economy. 

The USA economy today is not real or true but a phony weak P….  A true free market place economy can’t exist with any kind of forced government wage or price control in effect; anything else is phony and unreal, period. 

Before you can get control over culture rot, moral decay, crime, vice, and the like’s first liberalism must be faced down and subdued. 

Right now in the USA liberalism is out of control. And the only way to save the great USA is to get liberalism back under control by repealing the 1938 minimum wage law. 

Fiddling with the tax system or anything else is an exercise in futility; liberalism will see this great country in hell first before it will slacken its death grip on this great nation.

The pundits and talking heads are all over the map on why the Trump Express seems to be at cruising speed and even extending its lead. 

The lead reason they are saying is the public wants non-politicians and new comers. And to some degree I think there may be some truth there. 

However, I think it is something much more basic that Trump is exercising here. I think Trump is only displaying good character and being man enough to stand up for his true beliefs. 

In my view it is just that simple which earns genuine trust and respect from the people even if they disagree with his tactics. 

In this day of scientific polling almost every politician is pandering to the people and they know it. 

So when a man comes along with the issues and the moral high ground at his back that strong character shows through and people trust and respect that. 

The people knows Trump is not pandering, he is teaching and educating which makes a world of difference to the people on an emotional level. I’m not going to get all long winded on this matter. 

I think this whole Trump phenomenal boils down to just strong character, which too few seem to recognize today. 

Before the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law destroyed the USA true free market place economy our economy would kick ass and that kept liberalism at bay and under control. 

That is because any wage or price control handicaps a free market place economy where it no longer has the purging power to discipline itself or the people. 

Now liberalism is out of control and almost no survival tools are left to save this great country. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but human beings are not motivated by good handout liberal intentions they are motivated by a response to reward or punishment. 

You help someone help themselves otherwise you create a dependent and mentally destroy a good human being sometimes for life. Liberalism and our welfare state have all but totally destroyed this great predominant Christian nation.

It is impossible for the USA to survive very much longer unless this 1938 minimum wage law is repealed. With my almost super natural wisdom I can be wrong on a lot of things but without a doubt the must to get rid of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is not one of them. 

No country can survive very long with government providing for more than the military and a very few other essential services only, it is just impossible. 

The evil minimum wage law allows for government to inflate the currency and provide for its own destruction. 

This evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed for the USA to survive, otherwise the USA collapses back to the stone age, period.

I understand it but 98 percent of the American population doesn’t that it is impossible for the USA to survive much longer with government as a super provider welfare state. 

So, the key is a way must be found to get the American people back to being providers for themselves. 

Repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will in a controlled manner start that process of empowering the people back in charge of their own survival. 

And I have the God given wisdom to know until this wolf in sheep clothing free market place wage control killer is repealed nothing can save the USA no matter what anyone says or does. 

You can take what I say with a grain of salt or you can take it to the bank, but I guarantee you history will prove me right on this. 

Sure, much of what I write is to the extreme and tough love, but I am all about survival baby, not just feel good policy and going the way of the Great Auk.

I, great writer Freddie L Sirmans Sr. see Trump as a great trailblazer. Reminds me of “Give-em hell,” Harry! A supporter yelled “Give-em hell,” Harry! Truman replied, “I don’t give them hell. 

I just tell the truth about them and they think its hell”. That is what Trump is doing just being unafraid to tell the truth. I say give-em hell, Trump! 

Sure, Trump is blazing a huge trail and USA politics will not return to just the same old business as usual in my view. 

However, as a writer of almost super natural wisdom I repeat, the cold reality is the USA is far past the point of no return morally, culturally, and financially to be saved unless a miracle occurs. 

When a house foundation is decayed and rotten to the core that house can’t be saved unless it’s foundation is rebuilt from scratch. 

The USA house foundation nuclear and extended family system is in almost total ruins and there has never been a society that survived with that being the case. 

We have same sex marriages and mass killing of future unborn babies in the womb as the norm. 

We have over 95 percent of the USA general population looking to government as their savior when it doesn’t produce one red cent. The financing of everything the government has or gets was seized from the private sector. 

The only guaranteed thing that can possibly save the USA at this late stage is to repeal the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

But, only a miracle can make that happen when 98 percent of the USA population fail to understand the 1938 minimum wage law is a wolf in sheep clothing and a free market place economy killer. 

In my view ever since 1938 the USA economy has been a weak powerless P…. with no purging power to discipline itself or the nation all due to the evil 1938 minimum wage law. God save the great USA.

Here is another thing, Trump is perceived as bigger than life. Look at how people worship Hollywood and the Stars. There is just something in our human makeup that causes most of us to be impressed with power and individuals that seems bigger than life. 

It reminds me of what some of the early American evangelist’s discovered and said: Those like Father Divine and others discovered that as a rule being just plain and ordinary no matter how good your message was it would not get you a great following. 

But, on the other hand as a rule when one projected an image of expensiveness, a lot pomp and extravaganza with flashy dressing and cars it tended to result in a much bigger following. There seems to be something in the human spirit that attracts them to things bigger than life. 

Just Look at the Brits, No one beats the British in ceremony, pomp, extravaganza, and that sort of thing. And this little island nation single-handed ruled almost the entire world for many years. 

So, I’m telling you human being loves this bigger than life stuff. People and nations that are good at this sort of thing pack an awesome wallop. 

In my view never count someone like Trump out. Plus, the secret and power behind all of this is: There is no better way of teaching and learning than through ceremonies and rituals, especially for the young, they just eats it up and soaks it all in. 

Look at the effect rap has on the young, they see the star's as bigger than life.
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