Thursday, August 27, 2015

Myself, I am nonviolent and believe in nonviolence except in cases of self-defense and personal protection. However, I thank God for the USA’s second amendment and this nation’s citizens right to bear arms. 

I believe freedom and the citizen’s right to bear arms goes hand in hand. And if you take away the citizen’s right to bear arms it won’t be long before government nips individual freedom in the bud. 

Sure, the USA may have more gun deaths than any other nation but it also has far more individual freedom than any other nation, and that is why so many is trying to get here. 

The core USA violence problem is not the gun, The gun has not all but totally destroyed our culture, moral and spiritual values, or left us with a phony weak p…. of an economy. 

No, it is liberalism riding shotgun with its created welfare state that has brought the great USA to its knees, and will finish us off unless the insane arch evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed. 

Many years ago in rural areas and small towns guns were everywhere and a multiple killings was something almost unheard of. Back then most people never even bothered to lock their doors at night or anytime, so, what has changed, liberalism. 

Because back then about the only place you could fine a liberal was in a rich family or maybe on a collage campus, and almost never was a liberal to be found among the poor. 

Bam! Then came the “New deal” fortified with the insane arch evil 1938 minimum wage law and since then liberalism has never looked back and to this day is about to drive the final nail into our coffin. 

Today practical the entire poor is liberal with an entitlement mentality and killing more future unborn babies in the womb than any other group, God help us. In my one man opinion I believe the real culprit is liberalism and its created welfare state, period. 

Liberalism has corrupted so many people judgment that few can recognize a moral threat or have the wisdom to know what real compassion is. 

Almost everyone today is doting on their children and spoiling there pets while letting strong discipline and self-sacrifice teaching go by the way side. 

Our children are 100 percent of the nations future and how we raise them is everything if the nation is to survive. 

How can you expect someone to be responsible and accountable with self-restraint when they have never been raised and conditioned to be that way, you can’t. 

I for one think medical supervised flogging ought to be considered for young law-breakers, but that type of thinking today is seen as extremely cruel and uncivilized. 

Sure, it will cause some sore Asses and hurt feelings but it wouldn’t kill anyone. It would save ten times more of our ill raised youngsters than our correction systems is saving today and wouldn’t have to house and feed anyone. 

Yet, compassion like everything else today is upside down. Especially the poor and so many others are just not raising our young to be law abiding and productive future citizens today. 

When nuts with a gun go shooting and killing up people it is because they are so self-centered that they hardly know what a self-sacrifice is and has never been conditioned with self-restraint when young on how to deal with personal frustrations, period.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and I’ll admit that my cold hard tough love may be too much, but we are losing this great country and rescuing the young is a must, this writer just can't look the other way. 

Again, I say get the ball rolling by repealing the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law now that is the USA only chance of coming out of this fix alive. I ask in your name, God save this great land of individual freedom.

More about the Trump effect: Demographics, demographics, demographics, that and scientific polling is what the establishment and political promoters lives on. 

I for one believe depending on that only will never enable them to ever understand the Trump effect. 

Everyone knows the establishment and others are waiting and hoping for the Trump movement to self-destruct or peter out, and the sooner the better. I believe because of human nature they may be in for an awful long wait. 

Sure, with modern scientific polling pandering to demographic groups has become an art that the so-called political experts have used very successful in the past, but it is not an advantage against Trump. 

There are some demographics percentages that are not going to vote republican under any circumstance and on the other hand some demographics percentages are not going to vote democratic under any circumstance. 

However, at heart we all know right from wrong whether we admit or not. And we all know Trump is definitely telling the truth with the things he is saying. 

So, I will wrap this up by saying: Trump is going over the heads of demographics and appealing directly to truth, decently, and the people’s self-interest. And that is something that can’t be dismissed as just a passing fad. 

So, the people are only choosing realness, truth, decency, and self-interest over fake, pandering, selling out, etc. 

Liberalism has brought this great nation to this sad state, repealing the 1938 minimum wage law is the only thing that can bridle liberalism and bring back some sanity to this nation, period. 

This writer believes African Americans will never support Trump on a large scale. I believe Trump has a good chance of doing very well with all minorities except African Americans. 

My reasoning for believing this is African Americans in my view have never shed its slave dependency mentality. 

Due to this dependency mentality in my view African Americans see the Democratic Party as its livelihood provider instead of feeling responsible for its own survival as individuals and as a community. 

And that loyalty bond can’t be broken its like a child’s dependency on its parents for survival. 

The only way this locked-in dependency can be shed or overcome is for African Americans to be forced to stand on there own two feet. 

But, our destructive liberal created welfare state will never force anyone to be truly responsible and accountable let alone be forced to stand on there own two feet.


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