Thursday, May 7, 2015


Halt, stop, or brace yourself, because this great writer is fixing to let her rip, go on a tirade, rant, or what ever you may call it. OK, lets just dispense with any bull s… and just talk plain turkey. Sure, there is a lot of racism in America, always has been and always will be. Hell, I may be called a racist, but I think not. 

Life is not perfect and this nation is not perfect, but it is the greatest country to ever exist in my view. I love this great country and it is the only home that I have ever known. This great country offers the most individual freedom and opportunity to ever exist on earth, and it still does in spite of our beloved tax and spends liberals, but still I love-um like a brother. 

Now, as to my beloved African American race, the problem with us is too much pampering, period. Hell, I’m a neurotic mentally handicapped cripple from my childhood bed wetting days, yet I will never stoop to being just a plain excuse maker. If one accepts excuses for failure an excuse can always be found. 

Sure, there may be be a good reason for an excuse, but as for my self I don’t want to hear it, I only accept results. Like a coach once said: “you show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.” I have been counted out all of my life. For me, I have always taken responsibility for my own survival and I know beyond a shadow of doubt that otherwise I wouldn’t be standing today. 

Today all I hear from African American leadership is what we lack, what we don’t have, we don’t have jobs, and on and on. However, the question that needs to be asked is: What do we need to do for our community our selves? Duh! And they will all look at each other like helpless sheep. Number one should be how could we provide more of our own jobs in our communities. 

We African Americans have our racial priorities mixed up or maybe even misplaced in my view. Everyone’s priority should be immediately family first, then community, city, state, country, but ones race can never be totally ignored to fit somewhere in that order. 

One must have a mental identity to know who he/she really is as a person; otherwise one could end up with no true racial identity. Something of the sort has happened to the African American race on a mass scale. 

We African Americans as a race mentally see ourselves as dependent like siblings that can’t do for ourselves and must be taken care of by the master. And like most siblings we are jealous and compete against each other for the master’s favors. That is why you see the herd mentality and we always vote anywhere from 90 percent to 99 percent for one party in almost every election. 

We as a race are locked into this dependent sibling psyche. It is not a bad thing, it kept the African American race alive in an almost totally hostile environment right out of slavery. However, circumstance and the nation has evolved and that type of psyche is no longer needed for the black race to survive. Yet, the welfare state won’t let blacks escape its dependent mentality. 

The only thing that can break this dependency chain is for African Americans to be forced to stand on its own two feet. Folks, I don’t have anything to do with reality, I am only telling things as I see them, you have the freedom to totally disagree with anything I write and brand me a fool and idiot, so be it. 

The African American race in America is awesome; we hold many of the most powerful elected offices in this great nation, from the office of president on down. There is no logical reason why African Americans can’t employ at least a quarter of the jobs in its own communities, yet I doubt its over 3 percent. 

For God sake, grow up African Americans, grab the bull by the horns, and learn to love all people and especially those that look like you. Now, don’t you go telling me you don’t have hate and contempt for those that look like you? Otherwise, why else would there be all of this mass killings in black communities? 

Plus, where you spend your money proves where your first loyalty priority lies and it's certainly not with the man in the mirror. No one is expected to support a dirty greasy spoon eatery, but remember Auburn Avenue and the likes in other cities could equal the best before the welfare state came about. Now, our elites run as far as affordable away from an all black neighborhood and it is all because of our welfare state. 

The welfare state has reduced the once proud Negro race to a bunch of government dependent siblings that are constantly at each others throat. We don’t trust each other or truly respect each other and is ashamed of an all black neighborhood. And don’t give me this bull excuse about high crime, the movie “Raising in the sun” proves blacks couldn’t wait to get out long before crime was a problem. 

If you don’t love who you really are how can you expect other races to respect you. Liberalism is responsible for this sad condition and to this day still patronizes African Americans and hates nothing more than a black that wants to be self sufficient and independent. A black conservative threatens liberals ability to keep African Americans dependent minded and self-rejecting more than anything else.

You black man, you don’t truly love your own people, you mentally see yourself like your master and better than that sassy nigger that is undeserving of respect. Besides, you see that sassy nigger as a competitor against you, why should you kiss his ass and help him to get ahead, f… him, I’ll spend my money where I want too, and anyone that's got a problem with that can kiss my black ass. This is the type of thinking that goes on in the minds of so many in the African American community.  

The only thing that can break this locked-in African American dependency mentality is to kick the young eagle out of the welfare state nest, then it will be forced to fly on its own, that is what the mother eagle does. What I just said is not cold and uncaring, that is being prepared to survive on ones own, and not disappear off this earth when this welfare state soon crashes. 

The African American sad condition is the tip of the USA survival spear, or the canary in our culture mine. God save my beloved homeland. Hallelujah.

OK, OK, having aired it out and said my peace, what is the real solution to the African American problem? Anyone familiar with my work should know my constant drum beat for the only thing that can save all of America and even western civilization. 

It is the economy, fool! Nothing on earth is more powerful than a genuine true free market place economy; it trumps the law and everything in terms of having and maintaining an orderly society. 

However, the USA liberal socialist destroyed our true free market place economy almost eighty years ago by enacting the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. And the inner fabric of moral decay and culture rot along with a lack of any emergency bartering capacity has grown unabated ever since. 

A true free market place economy must be absolutely free to have the power to discipline itself and the nation, the same as Mother Nature, with its supreme law of natural selection. There must be a survival need for anything in nature to exist, otherwise it starts ceasing to exist based on nature’s supreme law of “Natural selection.” 

The enacting of the 1938 minimum wage law gave the USA government for the first time absolute power over private property rights and business production and distribution. That act for the first time allowed liberals to seize almost absolute power by operating a candy store and promising the moon and back. 

Before the 1938 minimum wage law it was almost impossible to inflate the USA currency because the economy had the discipline power to purge out inflation, waste, inefficiency and the likes. Now, the minimum wage law acts as a purge inhibitor and every imaginable negative anti-survival special interest group in America have grown like wild flowers unabated ever since. Mass killing's in the womb and same sex marriages are just new additions to the anti-survival paths the USA is going down. 

Negative anti-survival special interest is now a swamp with the coalition power to take down this great nation. Creating our minimum wage law purge inhibitor is like trying to stop nature's life and death cycle, insane. The evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law have an almost over-powering appeal to the economically ignorant, and has all but destroyed our culture, good morals, and any capacity to barter. 

A nation can’t have emergency bartering capacity without enough small farmers and home gardeners, which is what got the USA through the great depression.  I could go on and on with the destruction this evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law has done to this great nation. 

But, I will wrap it up by saying this: Everybody and his brother has an opinion, but it is my God given destiny to let you know until the 1938 minimum wage law is repealed it is impossible for the USA to be saved. The "Final solution" is to repeal this evil law, or we perish, period. 

I believe all to no avail the federal reserve and politicians trying to save this welfare state beast will eventually sell the nations sovereignty, land, wealth, and mineral rights off like a hooker on the block. Plus, there is no telling what has already been sold off being $18,000,000,000,000 in debt already. 

Only a handful of people know, but I seriously doubt there is any gold left at Fort Knox anymore. I can’t make anybody believe me; still I believe I understand the workings of an economy as well as anyone. And I promise you this weak phony P…. of an economy the USA have today is almost as useless as tits on a boar hog in terms of saving itself or this great nation. 

Repeal the 1938 minimum wage law and give the USA economy back its original power, please Sir/Madam. It is not about how much increase in wages that really count, it is about having a job to buy enough food and necessities to survive at all. What good is a higher wage if you can’t afford hardy anything, duh? It won't happen overnight, but repealing the minimum wage law will wean inflation out of our currency so $1.00 will buy what $20.00 will today.

Folks, I don’t have to be right on my assessment, and I even hope I’m proven wrong. Why oh Lord, why have I been blessed with so much raw wisdom, it is like a curse, I see things so clearly, why me o-lord. Writer answers that himself: Why not you. Amen.
SIRMANS LOG: 07 MAY 2015, 1328 HOURS. 


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