Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I, Freddie L Sirmans Senior don't drink liquor or do drugs, but looking back on much of what I wrote back in 2015 make me wonder what the hell was I high on. Still, I must share everything with you.

I, great writer Freddie L Sirmans Sr. decided to briefly comment on this “Net Neutrality” thing. The fact is I haven’t read hardly anything or listen to very much about it on radio or TV. Still, I decided to weigh in on it anyway. 

The truth is what they do don’t bother me much one-way or the other. In many ways I feel the world would be better off if the Internet would never have been invented, but its here and anyone standing in the way of progress will get ran over. 

I don’t need details because I know once the government gets its greedy little tax grubbing hands on the throat of the Internet it is ruined forever. 

It will end up just like our ruined health care system, and screwed up with very few able to afford it. 

Before the government seized control of our USA health care system the poor and middle class could pay out of pocket their doctor visits and not over run the nations emergency rooms. 

Right now, most people don’t need the Internet to survive, and the vast majority goes about their daily lives without it. 

But, once the government seizes enough control over it all of that is going to come to screeching halt. 

Our welfare state beast is already slobbering and licking its chops seeing the Internet as a cash cow. 

They are going to make it where you can’t get any kind of health care, a job, or anything else without going on line. 

Right now the problem is no one knows how the Internet is going to be taxed, but I assure you the Internet will be made where you can’t survive without it or paying to use it. 

Warning, I’m fixing to go on a rant and it is my one-man belief and opinion, nothing more. Cease now, or continue reading at your own risk. 

So, if you want to know what I really think about our future, I may be wrong, but I think the USA will be fortunate if it survive 2015 without a totally economic collapse. 

And if we survive 2015 this economic lying and insanity can’t possibly last much longer. 

This is cold hard reality stuff, I just hope they don’t start banning or burning my books.  

I believe that almost everything the USA government puts out concerning our current phony p…. of an economy is propaganda, period. 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that only repealing our evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law entirely can save the USA at this late stage. 

Sure, I’m going to be dismissed as a nut case or kook and ignored for now. But, hate me; disagree with me or whatever, I know with my great supernatural wisdom history will prove me right without a doubt. 

Praise be to God. All of this economic insanity and madness is about to come to a head in my view. 

I believe there is an energy or force governing the universe, you can call it God, a superior being, mother nature, natural selection, destiny, or whatever, but it maintains a balance in the universe and prevents total disorder. 

Every action has a reaction counter part, every positive has a negative counter part, and every good has an evil counter part and vice-versa. Only balance maintains order in the universe. 

And it affects everything that exists, it is sort of like the whole universe is a unit of one. It is like good and evil is two sides of the same coin.

I will close with this, if you really want to understand and know how an economy and free market place is suppose to work read Freddie L Sirmans Sr. books if you can take it. 

It saddens me to say this but western civilization has almost become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. 

So, guess what, the universe is beginning to adjust and balance all this same sex marring and mass murdering in the womb with???  You figure it out!!!  I know but I will remain mute.

All human emotions evolved to aid human survival in some way. The negative emotions such as evil, hate, etc. are primarily geared to destroy in some way. 

So, in the eyes of nature there is no such thing as a good or bad emotion they are all just tools in maintaining a balance to keep order in the universe. 

I believe when you see evil, evil seemingly like everywhere it is to counter balance something parading as good that is as equal threatening to human survival. 

My guess is evil is being balanced against the threats to procreation to aid human survival in some way. 

The process of procreation is in grave danger in the USA and western civilization and Mother Nature is stepping in. 

In the USA and Western Europe there is mass means of birth control on demand, mass abortions and killing in the womb on demand, and now we are on a fast path to mass same sex marriages on demand. 

Now, if you don’t think that is a moral and grave threat to procreation and the survival of our species, you are an ignorant fool with a weak survival instinct. Yet, you are the norm, this is what the liberal induced welfare state has brought us to. 

Again, disagree if you will, I’m warning you, only removing or repealing the evil socialist minimum wage laws entirely from the USA and western economies can save western civilization from total doom. 

That is the only thing that can drain this vast liberal swamp. There are just too many two-faced anti-survival monsters dwelling in this self-gratification do-good-er swamp to contend with, the S.O.B. must be drained if the USA is to survive, period.


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