Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It is getting to where I am writing more and more notes or very short one or two paragraph articles. The reason is I have mostly said it all that truly matters, and to say more is just mostly a waste of my time. 

Very few want a taste of my bitter medicine. Seems my great wisdom will only be appreciated after a lot of unnecessary great pain and suffering takes place in this great country. A lot of people in the USA know we have lost our way. 

They know the country is in serious trouble, and can’t survive on its present course. We have a situation like the seven blind men examining an elephant. One thought the legs were tree trunks, and another thought the tail was a rope. 

The USA economy and the whole inner moral and culture fabric of the country are coming apart at the seams. The conservatives bless their hearts, at least they are aware and can see the handwriting on the wall and want to stop the madness. 

Whereas the liberals are too shallow to be aware of or even know the economy is in danger of totally collapsing from too much spending. The liberal are hell-bent on starving the military and social spending this great nation out of existence, period. 

Sure, the conservatives are aware of the over spending danger and wants to do whatever it takes to save our country, but in my view they doesn’t have the perspective to see the big picture and will wild goose chase down endless false paths. 

However, this is where my great supernatural wisdom comes into play and sets me apart from all but a handful. “There is always more than one way to skin a cat.” And there are countless ways of saving the USA. However, I believe I am one of a handful with the deep, deep perspective to actually see the moving parts to proper dissect the USA economy. 

I have the ability to see that the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law took the discipline out of the USA economy. That caused the USA economy to be a phony weak P…. of an economy ever since that day. That almost 80 years ago fatal mistake must first be corrected before it is even possible to think about saving the great USA. 

The USA must have a strong disciplined economy first before it will ever be able to save our culture, morals, or the economy itself and in that same order. This is fact, I see it, and I know it, but how many in power even know this or will agree with me on this, none is the answer. 

So be it, I can shout it on the mountaintop, but I can’t make anyone hear me. I love my country, and I’m mad, and I’m angry, but I know I must calm myself and continue the emergency distress call for USA survival, that is my destiny.
 SIRMANS LOG: 29 APRIL 2015, 2032 HOURS.

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