Thursday, September 3, 2015

During the September 16, 2015 GOP presidential debate one of the candidates said something that I hadn’t thought of on this climate change thing. I’m paraphrasing but he basically said as I understood it that if the liberals succeeded in taxing businesses and raising a lot of money, it wouldn’t actually be spent on protecting the climate. 

They would find a way to use that money to grow government and finance even more social programs. So, that got me to thinking about this whole climate change matter. 

The liberals are well aware and knows that giving out goodies is the only thing keeping them in power, so now it all makes sense to me with money getting tight new ways to squeeze the tax payers must be found. And what better way than insanely pushing climate change as a secret cash cow that will keep liberalism fed. 

Who can argue against a more healthy and safer climate? Now, it is all coming into focus and making sense to me on what is really going on, here. When has liberals ever put the health and survival of this great nation above grabbing and keeping power, If that was so in my view they wouldn’t be hell bent on taxing and spending this nation out of existence, duh.

Sure, the USA is a nation ruled by law instead of man; I for one believe the law must be upheld under all conditions and at all cost, period. Catalyst, catalyst, catalyst, there is something called human nature, and right now in the great USA moral decay and culture rot is a bigger threat to USA survival than even economic doom in this writer’s view. 

Repeal the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law and let a real true free market place economy save this great nation before it is too late. I double dog dare the USA to act now while we still have a chance to save a hundred million or more lives. 

Be aware, this writer believes this Christian lady in jail has the potential to light a huge gay backlash fuse if she is not somehow freed from jail, the overly severe punishment is creating a Christian Martyr. That is just this writer’s opinion.

Now a few words about the Trump effect: What I like about Trump is he is a man of action and I would vote for him in a New York minute. This drip, drip, by drip with everyone standing around watching liberalism bury this great nation alive I feel is the worst possible way to go out. 

The real skinny on this is my personal view is Trump can’t save the USA, in fact no individual or movement can. The only thing that can possibly save the USA at this late liberalism engulfed stage is a real pure free market place economy. And all it will take to get a real pure free market place economy is to repeal the 1938 minimum wage law, period. Duh.

As a great creative writer with almost supernatural wisdom so many times I have felt that my writing is totally ignored. But, deep down I know that can’t possibly be true. Sure, after nearly eighty years as a welfare state for the most part in the USA sound judgment accompanying a strong survival instinct may be in question. 

I have no way of proving it but I believe around the world some may see my writing as the gospel truth. Also, I believe around the world some may see the USA as like an injured wild beast, which is the most dangerous thing there is. 

Despite all of the USA culture, moral, and economic problems without a doubt everyone around the world knows even with a declining image this North American giant is still the most powerful military and economic force on earth. A free nation demands from its citizen’s responsibility and accountability, otherwise at some point the iron fist will not be denied. 

In my view it is a given the USA economy will soon collapse no matter what action is taken, and I pray that I’m wrong on this. My grave concern and purpose is to help save as many as possible through the collapse and past it. And to do that the must thing is to get the government as much as possible and as soon as possible out of the family provider business. 

It is critical that we get as many people as possible back to depending on themselves and their fellow man as soon as possibly. The fact is very simple when the full collapse hit the USA government won’t have the means to take care of anyone and will be lucky to be able to maintain order. 

When I plead and I cry to repeal the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, that law in itself has no power, but it is the key that will unlock and free up a real true free market place economy. And a real true free market place economy is one of the most powerful things on earth. 

It will give back power and survivability control to the people so when the collapse hit and government can’t provide, the people can survive on their own. Nothing is going to stop this coming collapse, but a real true free market place economy is the only thing that can give the USA a fighting chance to survive through it. 

Otherwise, for the great USA it may mean back to the Stone Age. Failure to heed my great almost supernatural wisdom advice on this is beyond my power or control, so let the record stand, I did my duty, so be it.

Sure, before the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law the USA had many problems, but culture rot and moral decay was not one of them as it is today. Before 1938 the USA had a real true free market place economy minus our evil liberal enacted socialist law giving government the power to set wages and prices over all private businesses in the USA.

In one swoop that arch-evil socialist law destroyed the right of the private business sector to control its on destiny by being able to set its own wages and prices. By losing that right and power the USA economy lost its disciplining power to purge thereby leaving the economy with no way to weed out waste and inefficiency, including liberalism.

What we have today, as an economy in the USA is a phony weak pretender that is powerless to defend and protect itself or the nation’s culture, moral, and spiritual values. Without repealing this evil law quickly the USA will soon be left with millions upon millions of helpless dependents that will die due to a collapsed penniless USA government.

I dare you, prove my prediction wrong. God help us.


The economic boom and bust cycle is part of nature just like the life and death cycle. No matter how good the medical care sooner or later the grim reaper won’t be put off any longer. The time is up and the collapse (bust cycle) won’t be put off much longer. 

Our human responsibility is to be prepared to survive through the cycles and it can’t be done without a strong nuclear and extended family system. No society or civilization has ever survived without a strong nuclear and extended family system, period. And right now the USA nuclear and extended family system is in almost total ruins. 

Repealing the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will restore the USA nuclear and extended family system but the problem is there is so little time left before this collapse hit. Lord help us.

Another thing I’ve decided to comment on is this shallow minded liberal technique of trying to entrap people by asking gotcha questions. Sure, most everyone knows that being informed is very important when running for political office. But, do the shallow minded liberal asking that type of question truly understand why there is a need to have libraries, I doubt it. 

Only a fool is willing to clutter his/her mind with all kinds of needless details. In terms of leadership it is far more important to have the judgmental ability to know where and how to find what one needs to know than to try micromanaging everything. We had a president who tried to micromanage everything, and look what happen there, go figure, at a minimum just google it.

I think the best thing is to just say up front, I’ll answer your questions but I’m not here to take a quiz, then stand your ground because going down that road places one in a no win situation.

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