Friday, June 19, 2015

Don’t be a fool, don’t be a fool, and don’t be a fool! The liberals are on the brink of totally destroying the greatest, richest, freest, and most prosperous nation to ever exist. 

In my view they have just about destroyed the USA by creating our welfare state. But, a welfare state could never have survived this long without first depending on a phony inflated currency. 

When the liberals enacted the arch evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law that blocked the economy’s ability to discipline itself by being able to freely purge and reset wages and prices back to zero. Of course no one is going to work for zero that would be slavery, but the seller and buyer should set wages and prices never the government.   

Thereby without the economy’s ability to purge inflation and reset prices and wages back to zero the liberals have been able to tax and spend and inflate our currency to no end. This 1938 evil law in one sweep for the first time gave the federal government absolute power over all United States private property rights and private business production and distribution. 

Thereafter, the government would have the final say on all price and wage transactions in the nation, private or otherwise. The real miracle working power in a free market place economy is its purging ability to get rid of waste and inefficiency regardless of who you know or b… The minimum wage law acts as a purge inhibitor and leaves a free market place economy with no way to protect itself or the nations culture and morals values. 

Beginning with the enacting of the 1938 minimum wage law the USA economy could no longer purge out inflation. That is why ever since the 1938 minimum wage law the USA has slowly been going to hell in a hand basket.  Now, every kinky and negative anti-survival special interest group imaginable is out of control and running wild. 

They now have the coalition power to bring this great nation to its knees. Almost eighty years after the enacting of the 1938 minimum wage law only one tiny thread is preventing the liberals from administrating the final coup de grace. Except for this last tiny thread the liberals today would destroy the last bastion of true individual freedom left in world today. 

That tiny little thread I’m talking about is the 2nd amendment. And I believe within the next seventeen months the liberals once and for all are going to pounce for a kill to try to take away our guns. Will the Gods allow it to happen, we’ll see. 

I will sum up by saying this: If I had to pick just one thing as the cause of the USA coming destruction, It would be the enactment of this arch evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. And I don’t believe anything can save the USA until this law is repealed, even if no one else believes that except me. 

Nothing on earth has the power to produce jobs, wealth, and abundance like a true kick ass free market place economy. Repeal this evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law to set our economy free again to set its own wages and prices not the government. Repeal this evil law and save this great USA nation, for Christ sake, people. Hallelujah!!!
SIRMANS LOG: 19 JUNE 2015, 1430 HOURS. 

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