Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I will make this very brief, there has never been a society headed toward total financial collapse that has ever changed course, power concedes nothing and always goes down with the ship.  

Recognized or not, it is a fact that it is impossible for the nation to afford Obamacare, yet we proceed on. You can’t get blood out of a turnip, and you can’t have health care for long when very, very few can afford it. 

In the grand theme of things this latest Supreme Court decision really doesn’t matter because the USA is far too far down the socialist road to be saved without a miracle anyway. 

In life there is really no such thing as free, one way or another everything has a price even every decision we make. 

This recent Supreme Court decision about subsidies was actually a blessing in disguise to the Republican Party, because this insane Obamacare debacle is very soon going to start dishing out a lot of dreadful financial pain, but the scheming irresponsible liberals won’t have the Republican Party to blame and kick around on this due to the supreme's ruling.

The USA economy is already on the brink of a total collapse with 18 trillion in debt and there is no possible way our economy can survive Obamacare in my view. The USA is doomed as a free nation unless our arch evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed. But, we have 98 percent of the nation thinking the minimum wage is not only a good thing but the only thing that matters and ought to be raised. 

The only solution to save the USA at this late moral decay and culture rot stage is to get rid of the minimum wage law entirely and to have no wage or price controls what so ever, then the free market place will be free to set it’s own wages and prices without the heavy hand of the government thumb on the scale. 

Otherwise, this whole USA and world economy is going to soon collapse and take us all back to the Stone Age. All of that being said, as for the USA, only a divine act of God can bring about a repeal of this arch evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. Glory be to God. Long live a free America. Hallelujah.

Political I am an independent, but I see the Republican Party as the only hope of saving the USA from total doom. After the Supreme's recent ruling on subsides to me it looks like the stars, the Gods, and destiny itself are all pointing to a republican Trifecta win in November 2016. 

And if that does happen the republicans will have the power to once and for all repeal and put a dagger through the heart of this arch evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. I believe that is the only thing that can save the USA and western civilization from total doom. 

However, they think I am a total nut case, and right now the odds are 100 percent they will never do something like that. Never the less if they do win a Trifecta in November 2016 no one can ever say the republicans never had a chance to save the USA and western civilization from total doom. 
SIRMANS LOG: 25 JUNE 2015, 1154 HOURS.  

As a great writer, deep thinker, and unsung super achiever I feel more and more of my predictions are beginning to come to past. 

Especially my constant drum beating to no end that any minimum wage law is evil and means death to a true genuine free market place economy. But, it is like a lone voice hollering in the wilderness, everything falls on deaf ears, no one is interesting in taking my bitter medicine. 

The USA, Greece, Western Europe, and much more of the world uses the minimum wage to inflate currencies and prop up phony economies. A phony economy is the only way a welfare state can survive because without a minimum wage law a true free market place economy will purge out inflation and keep it out. 

I’m not going to go into details on the damage the minimum wage law does to a free market place economy in this article, that can be found in the many, many books I have written. No one asks me and no one is going to take my advice anyway. However, my advice to all welfare states is get rid of any minimum wage law now before it is too late. 

When everything collapses it will be too late then except back to the Stone Age. With no minimum wage law in place the people are free to open millions of small businesses, hire each other, trade and barter with each other, and in effect save themselves and the nation, too. Right now in the USA and other welfare states that is impossible, too much red tape. 

The minimum wage law is only the first of thousands of laws, licenses, permits and other road blocks unimaginable. Today in the USA almost everyone is depending on the government or someone other than self for his or her survival. And the people are going to be lost when big government, big business, and this colossal welfare state soon collapses. 

The first problem is 95 percent of the USA population doesn’t believe that something so unimaginable can happen. It is not only going to happen, but I’m here to tell you it is not as far away as we think. No one knows the day or hour when the collapse is going to occur but to the wise all of the signs are present now. 

Greece is only the tip of the spear in my view.
SIRMANS LOG: 23 JUNE 2015, 2213 HOURS.

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