Saturday, May 30, 2015

It is so sad what the welfare state and liberal news media has done to this great nation the USA. Order, order, order, and more order, it is impossible to have an orderly and civilized society without order. 

Our liberal induced welfare state has turned much of the USA into a needy greedy, self-centered, uncivilized, unforgiving, and ungrateful people in my opinion. It just confirms what most people with real wisdom already knows, if one doesn’t have to struggle for it, life and everything in it becomes cheap and taken for granted. 

Self-sacrificing and some time giving up a right for a wrong is becoming rare and rarer, now, it is all about me, me first, I want mine, I want it all, what kind of society has we become?

Most of the young today has never faced cold tough hard discipline that demands obedience now, no sass, and no back talk, just obey and act now. Our welfare state has allowed a false reality to come about in this great nation and now the piper must be paid, and believe me we as a nation is about to pay dearly in blood, sweat, and tears. Just keep on living we’ll see.

I believe the USA and western civilization itself is in the final stages of their life ending cancer-ridden welfare states. Enough said, no one want to hear my bitter medicine, I will leave you with this: In my view no form of government has ever existed that was more self-destructive than a welfare state. 

Not even a pure communist or socialist state completely destroys the very foundation of human survival itself like a welfare state does, given enough time a welfare state will totally destroy the nuclear and extended family system and leave no tools in place to rebuild upon. The USA and much of western civilization is past the point of no return. God have mercy. 

In the end a welfare states leaves almost nothing to rebuild upon, it leaves the nuclear and extended family system in ruins, it leaves good moral and spiritual values in ruins, and it leaves no emergency bartering capacity with small farmers and home gardeners to speak of. No tools, practical nothing is left, its literally is back to the Stone Age.

PS: Anyone that thinks that our own welfare state wasn’t somehow behind the recent hacking of government personnel files must believe in the tooth fairy in my view.
SIRMANS LOG: 12 JUNE 2015, 1001 HOURS.

Respect and obeying the law is extremely important for the survival of a free nation. Yet, we have a law that punishes one for how they withdraw their own money from the bank. 

I think that kind of a law breeds contempt and disrespect for the law itself, period. Sure, no law is going to please everyone, but what happen to its better to let the guilty go free than to punish one innocent individual. What has we become, has the almighty dollar took over our souls.

The attack dog liberal news media has shamed republicans off of the three things that have always won them presidential elections. The three things are lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. 

The founding fathers designed this great country as a republic for those seeking elective office to educate the people on what is in the best interest of the survival of the country, not to surrender to phony polls on what greedy, emotional, uninformed, and irrational voters want. 

A true statesman will go down fighting for what is right for the survival of his/her country, not just to gain or keep power and let the country go to hell in a hand basket. Folks, don’t hate me for what I believe. Let me explain, politically speaking I am a freethinking independent. 

I didn't set out to favor any one political party my sole interest is acknowledging the best chance of the USA survival as I see it. Forgive me, but with the liberals and democrats I see no chance of the USA surviving. Again, forgive me, still with the conservatives and republicans I see almost no chance of the USA surviving, but even with a flicker some hope exist. 

The fore mention three things are very simple and may not seem important in today’s debt ridden welfare state, but they are still republicans winners. If Dole, McCain, and Romney had locked on to them three simple things I believe they would have won. 

The liberal news media can’t defeat one that locks on to lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. And they will never attack these three things directly, but will instead pound away for details and try to brand one as mean and uncaring, only a statesman can withstand the pressure. 

Anyone advocating lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense should never be suckered into giving details, because everyone knows the Dem’s are always going to tax and spend and when have they ever given details in advance.

One may not agree with the democrats but one thing is for sure, everyone knows what they stands for like it or not, they stands for bigger government and more social spending, and gives the middle finger to our soon to be $20,000,000,000,000 debt. 

On the other hand, right now if you ask anyone what the last three losing republicans presidential candidates actually stood for, duh, no one knows. That is the problem with the Republican Party today, it lacks a core belief of trust for people to make a strong choice and fight for it. 

Unless someone is prepared to make an iron stand on three or less things and not let the liberal news media keep them all over the map 2016 is going to be another loser repeat. It is a given the liberal news media is going to brand anyone that doesn’t start promising goodies as mean and uncaring. 

Who says people won’t vote for you unless you answer every silly or unnecessary question the liberal news media may ask, no comment will get my vote every time. One can’t be everything to everybody and expect to survive the liberal news media, because for every republican they are the real opponents. 

With the persistence and determination of the liberal news media only an iron will can keep one locked on to lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense, which has always allowed republicans to win presidential elections. 

Many years ago just like the democrats everyone knew exactly what republicans stood for, lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. Now, the republicans acts more like wanna be democrats and is going to lose again in 2016 unless they return home to basics.
SIRMANS LOG: 30 MAY 2015, 1509 HOUR. 

The all over the map strategy is already starting, and unless a republican limit at all cost to lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense 2016 will be a lost cause. Focusing on side issues like entitlement issues, voter fraud, illegal immigrate driver license, and other like stuff to the Dem’s is like throwing a rabbit in a brier patch. 

That keeps the focus off of the dire condition of the economy, lack of jobs, insane medical cost, and sky-high daily cost of living, duh. And I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if the republicans fall for it again in 2016. 

I must give the liberals credit, they may be shallow but they are smart enough to know that the republicans cannot defeat them for the presidency by trying to solve the entitlement-spending dilemma. And they are right; it is a fool’s game in terms of becoming president of the USA. 

The liberal news media will make sure the general public is kept economically ignorant and will fight tooth and nails to keep them that way. The sad part is we are going to lose our freedom and this great nation and the republicans do have the sense to know it if something is not done. 

Whereas the liberals are too shallow or selfish to realize the danger and will readily go down with the ship just to gain or keep power. Lord knows, I hope I’m wrong, but I believe the USA economy is on the brink of collapsing for real. 

I believe it is a given, it is going to happen, nothing is new here, everything dies or collapses at some point, otherwise there couldn’t be rebirth and growth and life couldn’t exist on earth. 

The wise thing for the USA to do if it wants to survive past this coming collapse is free up and untie the USA economy from the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, that will give us a fighting chance to survive. That is the only way the people can take back charge of their lives and with a true genuine untied free market place economy nothing is impossible, freedom and the nation will survive. 

If the republicans win a trifecta in 2016 they will have the power to repeal this evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law and save the last bastion of individual freedom left in the world. Otherwise, it may be another 10,000 years before individual freedom see the light of day again. 

I believe the Gods are smiling down on us for this last great hope for individual freedom, it must come to past, or else. 
SIRMANS LOG: 06 JUNE 2015, 0020 HOURS. 

NOTE: Who really knows, there may be a divine reason how a neurotic mentally handicapped cripple misfit almost single handed can crawl out of the wood works and seize the pulse rate of this great north America giant, then sound the distress call alarm for its survival. That is no ordinary task. Hallelujah.

SIRMANS LOG: 08 JUNE 2015, 1011 HOURS.

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