Sunday, May 3, 2015

Freddie L Sirmans Sr. weight losing helpful hint using the “Positive thinking” technique. 
The definition of the positive thinking technique I’m talking about is: One takes a short saying or quote and repeats it over and over to ones self a minimum of fifty times or more every day. 

It may take up to six months or more to start feeling strong results. This is the quote I use: “I can keep my body slim and healthy through God which strengthens me.” Just leave God off or substitute another deity if one doesn’t believe in God.

Lets face it folks, some of us like me are compulsive over eaters; I have suffered with this disorder ever since I was a child. Some of us just simply can’t do it alone, that is why turning to God by saying through God which strengthens me is all-powerful. 

However, it doesn’t work over night, it takes a while to break through to the subconscious. But, if one stays the course long enough positive results will be realized.

Salt and sodium are the biggest factors in controlling high blood pressure. I buy the gallon jugs of drinking water with 0 sodium. Also, I buy the little squeeze bottles of fresh lemon juice and drink lemon water as my main beverage, no sugar added for me. I believe some water is loaded with sodium for the same reason as processed foods, be aware.

There is a simple universal fact about life and survival, risk and struggle is a greater part of it. If too much risk and struggle is taken out of life, then its purpose and value greatly diminishes. It is in our DNA from evolving over the eons. Repealing our evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will rescue the USA from our dying liberal welfare state, which has made the USA a P.... of a society.

This is a subject I decided to revisit. There is a conservative faction that wants to bring about a states convention to demand the government balance it’s annul budget. 

On the surface having a convention to do that sounds reasonable and maybe ought to take place. Twenty years ago I probably would have jumped on the bandwagon. However, I have evolved and now realize liberalism has no boundaries or limits to what it will go to keep over spending. 

Today I think any convention of the sort would more than likely cause a total disaster. The first reason is it wouldn’t solve the problem. Our welfare state beast is ignoring the constitution and the law now and just adding new laws are not going to make this beast change its ways. The next reason involves human nature. 

Liberals tends to be far more intelligent and smarter than conservatives but as a rule are shallow surface dwelling thinkers. The conservative’s advantage has always been their focused staying power and deep sound judgment. However, there is a world of difference between today’s conservatives and those in the founding fathers days. 

Ever since the “New deal” and the come about of our welfare state conservatives has become almost as moral corrupted and shallow minded as liberals. It is a waste of time to pass more laws trying to force liberals to control spending. 

They have weak survival instincts and respects no threats in spending from here to kingdom come. But, never forget liberals are not dumb or stupid, when giving up any of their own money they are the stingiest of any group. What it actually boils down to is they struggle with not being selfish to a fault, and that includes spending other people money. 

Most conservatives are self-bound by morals and emotional boundaries such as guilt, shame, etc. Where as liberals tends to be far less restricted when going after something they truly want. Nothing that is within the law is going deter a liberal lion/lionness from grabbing power and keeping it. 

Power is what this liberal suicide spending is all about. Social spending keeps liberals in power and no amount of morals; love of the country, or anything legal is going to stand in their way of holding on to power. Many liberals tend to be aimless but you give a liberal a cause or a goal and you got an almost unstoppable force on your hand. 

If the great USA is to ever get control over suicide over spending from the liberals it can only be done with a physical barrier. So, here we go again, that means repealing the 1938 minimum wage law. Enacting that law is what took away a government-spending barrier in the first place. 

That law gave liberals absolute power over private enterprise and private property rights and enable them to tax spend inflate, tax spend inflate, tax spend inflate in a never-ending upward spiral. In fact I don’t believe its possible for any free nation to remain free very long with liberalism and liberals at the helm. 

Freedom and democracy demands a responsible and self-controlled populace to last over a hundred years in my view. The liberals seized complete control over USA private business enterprise and private property rights with the enacting of the 1938 minimum wage law. 

Unless that law is repealed this nation will never remain free to 2038 let alone more than a hundred years since the law was enacted.
SIRMANS LOG: 04 MAY 2015, 2107 HOURS.

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