Saturday, May 2, 2015


In fact this writer is out of phase with almost everything that goes on now a days. I take no joy in raining on anyone’s parade or stealing anyone’s thunder. I’m referring to the mom being praised for slapping her young son around and the news media even talking about making her woman of the year. 

First let me explain my views on raising a well-balanced disciplined child. I believe corporal punishment is a supreme act of love in terms of long-term survival. Nothing instills a stronger conscious in a child than corporal punishment. A child raised with a balanced of love and discipline have by far the best chance of long-term survival. 

I believe, used, as a last resort corporal punishment is a far more powerful form of love when raising the young. Many times the young will hate the one that gives them hard tough discipline. Today far too many parents see a child as a love item to be doted on, which I think is a terrible way to raise a child. 

A child is a separate individual that should be taught responsibility and accountability to be a productive citizen many years later. Instead today many parents try to always please the child to make the child love them, which I think is a self-centered irresponsible parent.  

The child that hated the disciplinarian most of the time years later will thank God for the only one who gave him the tools to survive. You see this intense almost spiritual like love many youngster years later will have for a hard nose strict disciplinarian sports coach. Now, back to the Mom that was slapping her kid around, God bless her. 

I may disagree with her method but God bless her heart for caring and doing the best that she knew how to protect her child. I’m one that thinks a parent should never use their hands to discipline a child and especially a teenager. With parents of old that would be a complete no, no. 

I believe when using corporal punishment and as a last resort one, two, three, or what amounts of licks should always be announced first. There is an old axiom that says: “A general should never give an order he knows will not be obeyed.” And by the same token I don’t think a parent should ever give a child corporal punishment unless he/she knows it will administer a fair amount of pain. 

Otherwise, corporal punishment without pain just breeds contempt and disrespect. Just like when a mother tells a kid fifty times “Don’t do that," to me in a reverse way that is actually teaching disobedience. The most important thing in child raising is consistence then the child will know what to expect. 

But, when a child is allowed to disobey fifty times and on the fifty first time the parent is in a bad mood or fed up and backhand’s the kid off a chair, that’s no way to raise a child. Back to the kid being slapped around, he knew not to dare resist his mom, but he also knew he would not have to take any physical pain, too. 

The truth of the matter is her type of behavior actually showed her lack of control over her son. A parent in complete control would have just said, go home I will deal with you later. And later at home she would have put two or three hard painful licks on his ass that would have really hurt. 

I’m just glad I raised my kids over forty years ago; otherwise today I would be in jail.
SIRMANS LOG: 02 MAY 2015, 1305 HOURS.

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