Thursday, March 26, 2015

I’m going to briefly say a few words on liberalism. Sure, I criticize liberalism as much as anyone but I love liberals as well as all people. The world would be a cold dreary existence without liberals and liberalism, who else would guarantee that Bamba is safe and the soft emotional side of life prevails. 

However, there has never been and never will be a society that survives very long with liberalism at the helm. The evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law allowed liberalism to gain control of the USA government. And ever since layer by layer they have been running this great USA ship of state aground. 

Liberals have a weak survival instinct and can't see any danger in spending this nation out of existence. They have no concept of the pain, suffering, and turmoil that will result from a collapsed economy due to reckless spending. Plus, on the other hand the liberals have made far too many people government dependent for Republicans to succeed in trying to balance the USA budget. 

That approach will surly fail for two main reasons; the first reason is it will definitely create a smaller economy pie, which in the short run will make the economy worse. The second reason is the liberal media and general public is economically ignorant and living in the now and could care less about what is best down the road. 

So, when the pie starts getting smaller and painful the Republicans will be booted out of office short order. I think the republicans should just tread water until after November 2016, then do the deed I have been advocating.

Now, I will say again what I have said a thousand times or more, if the republican wants to save this great nation, repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. That will set free our shackled free market place economy. And there is nothing on earth more powerful than a genuine true free market place economy. 

If the republicans set our economy free all they will need to do is be still, the true free economy will take it from there and save this great nation for our children and grand children. However, I’m a realist, I know anything I say, just the opposite will be done, so be it.

In my view there is nothing innate about being a liberal, that is why before our welfare state it was almost unheard of to find a poor liberal. Before our welfare state our poor always had the strongest morals, they could be trusted to work in ones home and very few would take an unborn life. 

Today, one poor minority group in the USA are killing the unborn at a higher rate than anywhere in the world. The fact is if any nation is to survive long term Liberalism must never be allowed to completely takeover.

However, there is no denying it; ever since the “New deal” and the 1938 minimum wage law liberalism has dominated the USA government, period. Liberalism, some of it is in the stars but environment always over rules that, which is why I am totally convinced that only repealing the 1938 minimum wage law can break the liberalism death choke hold on this nation. 

Liberalism at our helm is like having a kid behind the wheel. Plus, our liberal welfare state has destroyed our culture and morals, but the most deadly of all, it has destroyed our sense of sound judgment. Survival then becomes a far more risky business, sort of like the roll of the dice, or not even dealing with a full deck.

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