Thursday, March 12, 2015

You can’t get blood out of a turnip. And you can’t have a peaceful and orderly society without strong discipline. So, in my view the USA is entering a totally break down of our p…. of a society. 

In authoritarian societies brute muscle power and force can be used to maintain discipline. Whereas in free societies people have individual rights and laws that must be obeyed to maintain strong discipline. But, in a free society when there is no brute power and force to maintain discipline two things is a must to prevent a total breakdown of that society. 

Those two must things are first a genuine true free market place economy and second a strong nuclear and extended family system. A nations economy trumps everything because everyone must have food and warmth to survive. That is the reason immigration is out of control our welfare state allows our poor and uneducated to avoid doing hot hard work to keep the nation fed. 

Somebody gotta do that type work or we all will starve. Now, you try to convince a farmer with his harvest rotting in the field that I’m wrong. Next is the nuclear family, there never has and never will be a society that last very long without a strong nuclear and extended family system. 

It is almost impossible to maintain an orderly and peaceful society without making sure the very young are taught proper norms and traditions. That is what happen to the black community, the black man right out of slavery enforced and maintained discipline in the home. 

He made sure proper norms and traditions were instilled in the very young before he was kicked out of the home by the welfare state. The welfare state never concerned itself with proper behavior and to this day is still financing its destruction. 

Many people are worried about the government completely taking over, well, with the way things are falling apart, the day may come when the people rise up and demand the government take over.

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